Thursday, September 11, 2014

37 weeks [Calm Before the Storm]

At 37 weeks baby has reached "full term." Which simply means he's developed his most crucial functions. Over the next three weeks he'll continue to get healthier and stronger while gaining at least 1-3 more pounds. 

He's likely measuring between 19-21 inches long and weighs around 6.5-7lbs. From here on out he'll gain about 1/2 ounce each day. Surprisingly enough I actually lost a pound this past week though. Anxious to find out what he'll weigh. His sister was 6lbs 6oz and 19 inches long. 
Any guesses?

He's practicing skills like inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping, and blinking. 
I can't wait to see these skills demonstrated in the delivery room. :)

For fun, here's some facts about mom:

-I've gained 25 pounds this pregnancy
-My breasts started leaking at 36 weeks
-I was dilated a fingertip and soft at my 36.5 week appt.
-I've had no swelling this pregnancy
-I have no new stretch marks
-I was able to moderately exercise up until 34/35 weeks
-I've only gotten sick a handful of times vs. the first 4 months with Annalise
-I've craved spicy and sour foods this pregnancy
-I had a false labor episode last Sunday but nothing progressed
-I've only worn four maternity outfits this pregnancy

Like most women at this stage in their pregnancy I, too, wish to "be done." However, I know the importance of 'going the full 40.' Babies come when they're ready to come and while there are certainly things to help coax labor along, labor and recovery are much easier when it's not rushed. 
So while I can't wait to kiss my sweet boy, I'm also trying to savor these last few weeks feeling his rolls and kicks from the inside.

20 days or less, family of four here we come!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

35.5 weeks [size of a cantaloupe]

Here's my 35 week bump. Today marks just a little over a month until our estimated due date. 
Part of me still feels like he'll come early, but I'm not going to jinx myself.

Now, we just play the waiting game. So for fun, here's a survey:

How far along?  35 weeks 3 days
Symptoms:  INSOMNIA, lower back ache, vivid dreams, fatigue
Total weight gain/loss:  +28lbs
Gender:  Boy!
Maternity clothes?  I've been living in large t-shirts, tank tops, and maxi skirts 
Stretch Marks?  Couple old ones on my sides 
Belly Button in or out?  Flat 
Sleep:  Barely
Movement:  Yep! It's becoming less and less and I feel hiccups more than anything 
Labor Signs:  Yes & No. More intense Braxton Hicks with pressure
Food Cravings?:  Lemonade and taffy-like candy
What I miss:  Being able to sleep on my stomach
What I am looking forward to:  Seeing what he'll look like! 
Upcoming appointments/events: 36.5 week appt and cervical check on 9/9
Best moment from last week:  Finished purchasing items for his nursery

While Liam's organs are maturing and bones are hardening all he's really up to these last couple weeks is packing on fat for insulation and shedding the vernix coating. From here on out it's probably safe to say if we had him he'd thrive, though, anything before 37 weeks is considered "preterm."

So, what's left on my "to-do" list?

-Pack my hospital bag
-Pack Annalise an overnight bag (just in case)
-Hang pictures in his room & put the crib back together
-Purchase a big sister gift for Annalise
-Sort through my breastfeeding supplies

There are a few other things I want to do beforehand but I don't need to do them. Instead, I'm focusing primarily on spending these last few weeks taking care of myself and giving Annalise the attention she deserves. Unfortunately, it is getting more difficult to pick her up and chase her around because of cramping and back pains but I'm coping. I know there's little time left and I'm already used to being sleep deprived so most days I'm running on autopilot. Definitely ready for my normal body energy back, well, what will be left after I push this little monkey out. ;)

Until next time...some Zzzz's and a warm bath are calling my name.