Sunday, August 31, 2014

35.5 weeks [size of a cantaloupe]

Here's my 35 week bump. Today marks just a little over a month until our estimated due date. 
Part of me still feels like he'll come early, but I'm not going to jinx myself.

Now, we just play the waiting game. So for fun, here's a survey:

How far along?  35 weeks 3 days
Symptoms:  INSOMNIA, lower back ache, vivid dreams, fatigue
Total weight gain/loss:  +28lbs
Gender:  Boy!
Maternity clothes?  I've been living in large t-shirts, tank tops, and maxi skirts 
Stretch Marks?  Couple old ones on my sides 
Belly Button in or out?  Flat 
Sleep:  Barely
Movement:  Yep! It's becoming less and less and I feel hiccups more than anything 
Labor Signs:  Yes & No. More intense Braxton Hicks with pressure
Food Cravings?:  Lemonade and taffy-like candy
What I miss:  Being able to sleep on my stomach
What I am looking forward to:  Seeing what he'll look like! 
Upcoming appointments/events: 36.5 week appt and cervical check on 9/9
Best moment from last week:  Finished purchasing items for his nursery

While Liam's organs are maturing and bones are hardening all he's really up to these last couple weeks is packing on fat for insulation and shedding the vernix coating. From here on out it's probably safe to say if we had him he'd thrive, though, anything before 37 weeks is considered "preterm."

So, what's left on my "to-do" list?

-Pack my hospital bag
-Pack Annalise an overnight bag (just in case)
-Hang pictures in his room & put the crib back together
-Purchase a big sister gift for Annalise
-Sort through my breastfeeding supplies

There are a few other things I want to do beforehand but I don't need to do them. Instead, I'm focusing primarily on spending these last few weeks taking care of myself and giving Annalise the attention she deserves. Unfortunately, it is getting more difficult to pick her up and chase her around because of cramping and back pains but I'm coping. I know there's little time left and I'm already used to being sleep deprived so most days I'm running on autopilot. Definitely ready for my normal body energy back, well, what will be left after I push this little monkey out. ;)

Until next time...some Zzzz's and a warm bath are calling my name.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

32,33,34 weeks [Stay Put Little Guy!]

                                              32 weeks                                         33w4d

Here is my almost 34 week bump. I've been slacking on my posts this pregnancy. Partly due to it being uneventful in nature, partly due to enjoying my family this summer before we go from a family of three to four.

With only 5-6 weeks left I'm feeling relatively good. Blood pressure has been running 110/60's, Liam's heartbeat has been regularly between 130-140, and so far (knock on wood) no swelling. Only after a salty meal or snack will my fingers and toes feel tight. 

We did have an episode last Saturday where we had to rush home from the park so I could lay down because I was having some pretty painful and consistent Braxton Hicks contractions, as well as, pelvic floor pressure. I definitely felt a little off and lacked an appetite so I pretty much lounged most of Saturday and Sunday with very little activity in between. 

This week I feel much better but far more exhausted than previous weeks. Especially midday and before supper. In fact, Annalise and I took several hour long naps over the weekend together. Which, by the way, if you didn't know...NEVER happens! 1) I just simply don't nap- EVER and 2) she rarely snuggles with me. 

A big change I've also noticed. She has been very, very clingy to her mama (along with the cat). Wonder if they can sense big changes are about to happen?

I've also started nesting a little. Liam's nursery is almost ready to go except for the crib rail to be put back up and a few photos hung. We're being minimalists this time as Annalise just simply had TOO much stuff in her nursery. In addition, we busted out my exercise/yoga ball to help aid in my late night hip and lower back pain. It honestly feels like heaven. I'm SO glad I used it last time in early labor. I anticipate using it again.

And how's Liam?

He's well within his length limits now. At least 19-22 inches and nearly 5 pounds. Moves all the times and has been hiccuping more frequently these last few weeks. Still head down as far as I can tell and can now open his eyes during waking periods and close them when he sleeps. 

I'm looking forward to kissing his sweet face and seeing how Annalise interacts with him.

After next Tuesday's appointment we'll be down to just 3-4 appointments before Liam is born. My goal is to make it to 36 weeks first and then 38. I will be highly surprised if we make it full term considering how low he appears to be already, and, how crampy I get after chasing around kids all day. But, you never know. 

Keep baking little guy!