Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Beautiful Truth- Accepting The Skin You're In

The truth is...
at almost 30 weeks pregnant with my second child I'm finally happy with my mommy body.
Where it is now and where it will be when I'm done having kids.

Sure; I've got dry skin, oily hair, bleeding gums, the "pregnancy mask," tailbone pain, cracked heels, and faded stretch marks but my body has bounced back from pregnancy once before so I have no shame in these 'scars.'  I know what it's capable of and I've seen the progress.

4 weeks vs 30 weeks pregnant

You don't have to be an athlete, or a rocket scientist to know that eating well and walking daily can help your mind, body, and labor.  In my first trimester, due to nausea, I focused on staying hydrated, drinking Shakeology to help with blood sugars and nausea, eating well, and doing slightly modified versions of Beachbody workouts like T25 and Turbofire. 

In my second trimester, I had adequate amounts of energy and was able to complete a 5k at 6 months pregnant. While not for everyone, it was something I wanted to prove to myself. That with training and dedication to modified exercises I could still maintain the strength to finish. That being pregnant is not a weight loss crutch, rather a tool to challenge our bodies to its limits.

Now, in my third trimester, things have slowed down again (not just my energy). I'm focusing less on cardio based programs and more on strength, stability, balance, and flexibility.  
Things to prepare me for labor and delivery.

Instead of doing programs like T25, Turbofire, or 21-day fix (which can focus on calorie deficits). I'm doing a combination of yoga, pilates, PiYo, walking, clean eating, and free weights.

I'll be completing my 30-day arm challenge in a little over a week and moving onto the next 50+ days of PiYo. Perfect timing until little man arrives.

So you see, the beautiful truth is...whether your just beginning or in the middle of transforming your skin, love every milestone you reach. You're worth it.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

27 weeks [Hello Third Trimester!]

We are now 2/3rds of the way through our pregnancy with only 89 days to go!

I'm still primarily in non-maternity clothes except for a few shirts. I have worn my maternity capris a couple times but they are still quite baggy. Hard to believe since I've gained about 18-20lbs.

My uterus is now the size of a basketball and Liam is the size of a head of cauliflower- 
14.5 inches long and 2-2.5lbs.
He is breathing better (amniotic fluid, not air) and experiencing increased brain activity.
He's opening and closing his eyes and hiccuping regularly after meals.
His movements are becoming more defined as he's running out of room in there.

As we prepare for the last 12-13 weeks of this pregnancy I find myself becoming more and more uncomfortable.  While I've still been able to exercise and lift weights I have not been able to do jumping movements. 

In addition, I've had a few boughts of nausea and even got ill several times last night. 
My hips have gotten achy by the end of the day. 
I've had increased pressure and Braxton Hicks.
Moreover, my tailbone has been really bothering me. I'm not sure if it's how he is lying or my hips loosening and prepping for birth but sitting directly on it cause quite a bit of pain. I have to either be lying or standing to not have some sort of pain there.

Hopefully my doctor will have some answers at my next appointment.

Until next time...